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Project Description

New Template

A Scifi VR play about the birth of an AI called New Template


From smartphones to suggested search algorithms, we are used to having a form of artificial intelligence answer our questions – but what happens when an A.I. starts to ask questions of it’s own?

Template is a new A.I. He was made to be a servant by a system that generates thousands of his kind, without a single error. At least, that was the plan. Through Virtual Reality, Epiphany VR invites you to follow his journey and see this system as he does.

New Template was a 15 minute one-at-a-time virtual reality theatre performance which utilised the latest VR technology, the HTC Vive, which provided room scale tracking. It was first debuted at Access Space, Sheffield in August 2016 and was later showcased at Theatre Delicatessen, London in September 2016.


“In Sheffield’s bustling and varied art scene rarely are we offered anything that pushes the boundaries of artistic medium and engages as playfully with new technology as Epiphany VR’s latest offering New Template”

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The success of New Template was in the culmination of a large interdisciplinary effort from theatre to CAD to programming and game mechanics to the 3D reality capture hardware/software workflow. Our only major setback was in having one headset, which meant longer waiting times. However, we managed to deliver one of the first ever VR plays which used realtime 3D data from the actors, room scale tracking with spatial audio and elements of mixed reality aligning the physical and digital space.

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